Serena Wise

Serena Wise

Mount Sapo

• What is your favourite way to unwind after a long day?

A bath with Epsom salts, baking soda, a generous amount of All-Over-Oil, and maybe a podcast, or just quiet. There's something about sitting, suspended in water – it's the one bit of my day that's unhurried and is just for me. I always come out feeling differently.

• What is one healthy habit you've incorporated into your daily routine? 

With a toddler, any healthy habits have to be fairly flexible and doable. For me, that means drinking water and engaging in some form of daily movement. It sounds annoyingly simple, but with art direction work, growing Mount Sapo, and taking care of my child, I find it best to focus on things I can actually achieve that make the biggest impact.

• Can you share a tip on how to foster a sense of curiosity in the day-to-day? 

Approaching your body with gentle curiosity is part of Mount Sapo's ethos, so every so often, even during the most hectic days, I try to practice a quick body scan.

Taking just a minute or two to scan my body from head to toe gives me time to notice any sensations or feelings that might have been overlooked. It allows me to tune into areas of tension or to recognize if I'm feeling jittery, anxious, tired, or stressed. It may sound small, but I believe these simple practices are cumulative.

Before incorporating this into my routine, I used to be in constant overdrive, going from task to task, completely unaware of my body and how it might be feeling throughout the day. Now, I feel calmer, more centered, and better equipped to respond appropriately.