• Mi-Noir Mi-Jaune Taper Set/2
  • Mi-Noir Mi-Jaune Taper Set/2

Mi-Noir Mi-Jaune Taper Set/2

Faire La Bees

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A set of two tall candles with a marbled effect on the bottom of each candle. The wick is dipped into the cauldron of melted wax to create this candle, layer by layer. Each candle is then passed through a flame to create the carbonized effect. 

Made with

100% beeswax
100% cotton wick


Height: 26 cm
ø: 2 cm

Burn Time

± 9 hours


To get the most out of your candles, burn them in a room with the windows closed, and trim the wick short before lighting it up.

Good to know

The pigments used to color these candles are organic, sourced from a farm in Bouches-du-Rhône. These handmade candles are uniquely wrapped in reused pages from old encyclopedias.