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  • Genmai Miso

Genmai Miso

Mimi Ferments

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A dark and strong miso paste made from sprouted whole grain rice. It was fermented for two years in barrique red wine barrels, resulting in a complex umami taste with hints of black olives and a slight acidity from the natural maturation process. Due to the high nutrient content of unpeeled rice and the long fermentation period, this miso paste has a rich dark brown color and an intense aroma.


32% Sprouted Whole Grain Rice (Po Valley), Soybeans (Upper Bavaria), Sea Salt (Algarve), A.oryzae



How to enjoy daily

Use it as a seasoning to enhance the flavor of your savory dishes and sauces. We love to mix it with butter to create a rich and savory miso butter spread.

Good to know

This miso paste is naturally fermented, unpasteurized, vegan, and gluten-free.